Welcome to Mallorca’s First Ecstatic Dance Festival! Join us for this transformational experience with our positively minded community of locals and international guests. We will raise the vibrations through movement, dance, awareness practices and simply being together.

Daily ecstatic dances, various workshops, delicious healthy food and individual sessions at a beautiful venue in nature near Montuiri. Sessions guided by local and international DJs and facilitators.

Treat yourself to this 3 day immersive community experience and be part of this unique opportunity to dance, celebrate, connect and share with inspiring human beings.

Ecstatic Dance * 5Rhythms * Yoga * Kirtan * Connexion * Movement * Singing Circle * Cacao Ceremony * Juggling workshop

S’Om is an association of yoga and philosophy with a beautiful venue in nature in the centre of Mallorca. We will be dancing on a 250 m² open air tatami dance floor. In the afternoon breaks you can chill out by the natural pool or head off to the beach, which is about half an hour’s drive.

* DanceManiac
* Alex Sevilla
* Pascal de Lacaze
* Martyn Zij
* Sabina VeetMaya Mnsh
* Dharmapapa
* David Lurey
* Nigel Dooit
* Seraf Al Zaurak
* Nale Parada Mas
* Daniel Rojas
* Peter Galik