Welcome to 8 days of magic in the mountains of southern Spain.
▷ Daily Ecstatic Dance by the best DJ’s & Audio Alchemists in the world
▷ Authentic Relating – learn ninja relating skills for deep impactful connection
▷ Yoga & AcroYoga – love at first flight
▷ Ecstatic Awakening Breathwork – breathe your way into bliss + manifest your dream life with the power of your ecstatic intention
▷ Tantric & Taoist Practices – learn to activate, circulate and sublimate energy for openness and sublime states of natural high
 Sacred Strategy Mind Lab – create success aligned with your deepest calling
▷ Watsu – floating healing sessions in water
▷ Hawaiian & Thai Massage, Sound Healing, nature and bliss
This retreat will change your life forever – with one warning:
you’ll fall so deeply in love with yourself and your life that it becomes impossible to go back to anything that isn’t in full resonance with your highest alignment and greatest joy.
Because life is too short to settle for less.
This adventure is too precious to go for just ‘either or’.
Ready to take the red pill?
Life is now. Let’s do this.